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The long awaited, eponymous* debut CD

from Highway One

 The Highway One band takes us on a journey through traditional and contemporary bluegrass songs, and it's a trip to be treasured. . . ."-Brenda Hough, California Bluegrass Asssociation Bluegrass Breakdown

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1. A Hundred Years From Now ( Hein/Hobart/Royle, BMI )
2. Ten Miles North of Carolina ( T. Manuel )
3. Past the Point of Rescue ( Mick Hanley, BMI )
4. Liza Jane Medley ( trad. )
5. Early Morning Rain ( Gordon Lightfoot, ASCAP )
6. Last Chance ( T. Manuel )
7. If That's the Way You Feel ( R. Stanley/P. Stanley, BMI )
8. Wichita ( Gillian Welch, BMI )
9. Lickety Split ( Dave Magram )
10. Used to Be ( Bill Monroe, ASCAP )
11. Think of What You've Done ( Carter Stanley, BMI )
12. Won't You Come and Sing for Me ( Hazel Dickens, BMI )
13. Soppin' the Gravy ( trad. )
14. Harbor of Love ( Carter Stanley, BMI )
15. Forty Years of Trouble ( Troy Spencer, Jaymore Music, BMI )

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is this CD any good?
A: Yes, it's very, very good!

Q: Will I like the CD?
A: Yes, you will like it!

Q: Will my 13 year-old teenage brat like it?
A: Probably not

Q: Will my Dog like it?
A: Oh, come on; just buy a copy!

Q: How can I get a copy of the eponymous* Highway One CD??
A: The CD is available at all the band's performances.

Q: What does "eponymous" mean?
A: from Webster: * epon'y-mous: a. of or relating to an eponym